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Discover Live Experiences

Browse through live content and discover trending videos.

Use keywords or hashtags to search live videos of interest

Curated newsfeed for any type of individual.

Our Features

Live Stream to Multiple Platforms at Once

Easy live streaming to all your favourite social networks.

Receive live analytics and engagements from all channels

Take action and engage in with your audience in real-time.

Our Features

Connect With Others

Connect with companies or individuals around the globe, and network with them in real time.

Explore previous live streams on someone's profile

Never miss a live stream when you follow someone’s schedule.

Our Features

How it works

01. Register

Register within the app

02. Discover Live Videos

Key in hash tags or keywords and find the right content for you

03. Stream

Single or Multi stream to your favourite social media channels

03. Share

Share your knowledge and expertise with others via live video, comments, and  share it with your friends

3.C Connect

Follow and connect with like-minded individuals from various backgrounds.

04. Enjoy!

There are many opportunities in Dood: uncover unique experiences in live.

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About the Founder

Vladimir Rigenco is both a real estate professional and the founder of Dood Live Stream. During his career, Vlad was obsessed with providing exceptional service to his clients and building a solid reputation in the field. He realized there was a gap in the market when he could not find a channel for live business content, and thus embarked on the idea for Dood. Now fully invested into the app, Vlad Rigenco and his business partners are in the hopes to create new opportunities for people through the power of live streaming.

— CEO of Dood