How to create a Professional Live Stream

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A professional live stream will increase your credibility, brand awareness, and engagements. If you want to level-up your live streaming, there are 4 vital things you need to remember to achieve this.



Before going live, think about what you want to discuss and how you want to convey it.Think of live streaming as a story arc, you want to have a beginning, middle, and end. If you want to achieve a professional live stream, never go live just to ramble about your day or discuss what you are doing. Live streaming is a great means for expressing your emotions and experiences to an audience, but when it comes to a “professional” live stream, you want to bring more value to your viewers.Think of engaging topics that are relative, provocative, and interesting to grab the attention of many. Try teaching or sharing a skill, discussing an important matter, interviewing someone or reaching out to the community.Knowing your content will improve your confidence and in turn create a better live stream. Lastly, give yourself a time limit, this way you can convey your message effectively within a given timeframe.


Dynamic Filming

You want your live stream to look pleasing and capture people as they scroll by. At first, find a nice background and avoid walls, or being too close to a wall.Bring some color to the frame by using a mixture of props, lights, and art.When indoors, avoid filming near a large window as it over blows the exposure int he camera. Take a listen to your environment and make sure that there are no humming, buzzing, blowing, or sizzling sounds, as these will deter your viewers to another live stream. Your mobile phone microphone is alright, but to take it up a notch, purchase an external lavalier mic to achieve crisp and clean sound.When filming vertically, frame yourself in the upper portion of the screen, and leave some head space at the top while not being too close to the camera – a good rule of thumb is to have both of your arms visible in the screen. So next time you go live, just checkmark Background and Color, Sound, and Framing!


Engage & Acknowledge Your Audience

We watch live television because we feel like we are a part of something in real-time. Live streaming presents a unique opportunity for viewers to interact with the content creator and actually be a part of something. If the content creator wants to build a loyal audience, then in turn this person must do their part and engage with their audience. When a viewer appears on your stream, or leaves a comment, acknowledge them by saying hello or respond to their post. Build a connection with your viewers by interacting with them on a friendly level and remind everyone to follow you. Be vocal with your audience and they will look forward to your next live stream as they know they will be involved. Always keep them informed of when you are going live next and try to stick to a schedule.


Present a Takeaway

With every story there is an ending. Make your live stream wholesome and complete by concluding with something for your viewers to ponder about; whether it’s a lesson, inspiration, perspective, or a question – give them a takeaway to remember the discussion. By doing so, you are actively staying in touch and giving them something to think about until the following live stream. Knowing this, you start your next live stream with where you left off and you can instantly hit it off with your viewers. You are actively looping your audience into the continued interest of your live videos, just make sure you are consistent.


Now that you understand more about recording a professional live stream, go out there and connect with your audience to build your following, image, and business.Did you know you can engage with your audience in real-time and go live on multiple social networks at once with Dood Live Stream? Yup. Download it for free in the app store and live stream your world; Dood - stream, share, connect!

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