How To Create an Effective Live Stream on your Phone

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Live streaming is a recent digital medium that will transform the way we communicate. It allows people to build a true and genuine connection with their audience - but if you’re network signal is weak then so will be your connection! That’s why in this article we’ll be sharing top tips in creating an effective live stream for your audience.


1. Ensure your LTE or WIFI network is strong

The last thing you want your audience to see is a disruption in your live video –whether it be loss in quality resulting in pixilation, or a completely lost signal, there is no worse way to lose interest than a poor connection. Don’t jump from LTE to WIFI and vice-versa, as this will increase the risk of distortion or loss of signal.


2. Select an Appropriate Background

You want to select a suiting background for your live video. Think of it as building layers in your image, you want to create depth with different objects and sceneries behind you. Use color as a means to attract people to your livestream with appealing wallpapers, props, and a spectrum of lighting. Avoid walls as you lose all depth in the video and make the image unappealing and flat. If you are shooting indoors, avoid windows in the day because they over expose or have overblown elements in the image, and avoid windows at night because you might see a reflection of yourself. Stick to either an indoor setting or outdoor setting and make sure there is no harsh light hitting your face.


3. Correct Framing will Make you MoreAppealing

Always be mindful of how you frame yourself in the phone screen. If you are filming vertically, make sure to have your head close to the top and leave some heads pace. It is recommended you are not too close, and not too far; a good distance is when you have both your arms visible in the screen. If you are filming horizontally, center yourself in the frame and try to remain in one position. Walking or running during your live stream will distract viewers from your message.


4. Listen to Your Surroundings

Turn on your hearing before you go live and ensure there are no loud atmospheric sounds like buzzing, fanning, crackling, or your bacon sizzling in the pan. It’s so important to make sure there are no annoying or distracting sounds in the background as this will drive people away from your live video. Unless you are documenting an event or story with loud sounds, always take a listen to your surroundings and live stream in peace.


5. Be Yourself

Live streaming is the most authentic way of digital communication because it is live, raw, and unedited. People want to see you for who you are and connect with you by listening to your stories and experiences - they don’t care for flashy videos or grand settings, they simply want to hear you out and connect. People are much more forgiving with live streaming as they know it’s a direct signal to your persona. No need to be a content creator, just be yourself!


6. Keep it Short

With the growing pandemic of short attention spans, you want to deliver your message from 2 – 10 minutes. Think about what you want to discuss before going live and remember the key points you want to bring up so you can be efficient and to the point with your dialogue. You want people to like you, not get bored of you.

7. Link your Social Accounts to Reach a biggerAudience

… say what? That’s right. You can live stream to multiple social networks at once and increase your content distribution with Dood Live Stream, a free mobile app for multi-streaming and live content discovery. Why resort to only one platform when you can link all your social accounts and go live everywhere!


Now that you understand more about creating an effective live stream, go out there and share an experience, a story, a rant, an opinion, an interview, or an event through the power of live streaming.


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