The Importance of Live Streaming

Posted on
May 29, 2020

The term content creator is still a relatively new phrase used to describe a person who creates content for the internet. Before mainstream social media, this concept did not exist. Content creators come by the numbers and exist in many mediums:blogs, videos, pictures, and podcasts - but there’s a new wave coming and that will be through live streaming.


Since being a content creator can either be someone’s passion or profession, there are many people involved in various mediums; however, you still have to be good at it. There are bad writers who produce subpar content, and there are creative or technical writers who produce valuable blogs or articles and get paid for them. With video, you have to be compelling on screen yet be a great editor. With podcasts, unless you’re Joe Rogan – good luck!


The beauty of live streaming is that there are no barriers to entry. People are much more forgiving with live videos because they are live! You don’t need quick cuts, music, or visual effects to make a live video appealing and anyone can do it. The simplicity of live streaming can be equated to posting a picture on instagram, you essentially place your selfie-machine (phone) to the subject and hit Go Live. For this reason, many will turn to live streaming as an outlet for their content creation.


Another benefit of live streaming is that it’s the most authentic form of online communication.It’s genuine, it’s raw, and it’s live. People will see you, for all your worth, for all your flaws and for all your strengths. There’s no need to mask or stylize what you are trying to convey as everyone understands it’s a personable experience. In today’s world, more and more people are seeking connection, and there is no better way to connect with your audience or customers through the power of live video.


With 5G networks around the corner, larger phone screens, and better cameras – an influx of content creators using live video is inevitable. According to GrandView Research, live streaming will be the dominant function of mobile users by2025. Knowing this trend, all social media giants have equipped their platforms with live streaming capabilities, and have released data indicating that there is 6x more engagement with a live video.


That being said, content creators are struggling to cater to all their social accounts when it comes to live streaming through their mobile phones, as they end up with an ultimatum deciding which platform to stream to. Choosing one platform to broadcast reduces content distribution and the creator’s social outreach with their following. For this, there is a solution called Dood Live Stream – a free mobile app that allows anyone to live stream to multiple social networks at once and discover live content. Download it today from the App Store and never let your audience miss another live stream.


In conclusion, the importance of live streaming is based on 3 factors: its accessibility, its simplicity, and its power to connect people in a genuine format. As our digital communications evolve, live streaming will stay ahead of the curve as it will draw a new wave of content creators, but most importantly, it will open the door for anyone else who is not a “content creator.” Live streaming will destabilize the term content creator as this trend becomes mainstream, because live streaming is not only a tool for content creation but also for sharing an experience with others.

Posted on
May 29, 2020
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